Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tone Matrix = Fucking Cool

Alright folks. Not much new on this end of the spectrum on account of one thing: this tone matrix thing. It is hands down the coolest thing I have found on the internet in quite some time. I've been toying with it for hours, and it's still just as fun. I wish I could just embed it into this blog, but alas, I'm too dumb. I tried copying the source code and posting it with the edit HTML option on this but fuck it. I know next to nothing about that stuff. Anyway, this thing rules so check it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some vinyl we should all have

Wellll then.... I just returned home from Boston the other day. While I was there I happened upon a little shop called In Your Ear, which sold some nice vinyl. Here's what I got:

First and foremost is the premier Minutemen LP, The Punch Line. This is them in their rawest form possible (other than live of course). Great album through and through, and all the songs are about a minute long making it a great pick-me-up album. Another weird thing about it is that it is a 45 but its pressed onto a full size LP. Kinda annoying if your player is one of those automatic speed sensor ones, but unique nonetheless.
Next up... Fugazi's Steady Diet of Nothing. Too much can be said about this album and most of it has already been said so just get it and decide for yourself. This one is THE example of Fugazi's transition from the early stuff (13 songs, repeater) to there weirder, later stuff. I think I'm in love with that girl on the front. Or maybe it's a guy... whatever. Best part is the Discord price of $11, plus a free album download from Discord themselves.

And for the real kicker.... CAN. I bet you've never heard this one. Fucking trippy album, this one. Perfect to smoke out to (or whatever your poison may be). In all my years I've never heard a band that was as far ahead of the times as this one. Some of these tracks, Vitamin C in particular, seem like they could be hip-hop beats, partly due to Jaki being the Emperor of Europe and all things percussive.